2 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Unlock more space on your bench without compromising performance. At only 1.5 inches thick and less than 4 pounds, the 2 Series MSO is a full-featured, realtime touchscreen oscilloscope in a compact, portable form factor that feels like a tablet. On the benchtop, in the classroom, or to the field, take it wherever your measurement challenges take you. 

  • Bandwidth70 MHz - 500 MHz
  • Analog Channels2 or 4
  • Digital Channels16 (optional)
  • Sample Rate1.25 GS/s - 2.5 GS/s
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Compact oscilloscope for daily debug and test

Though small enough to fit into a laptop bag, the 2 Series MSO offers bandwidths up to 500 MHz with a max sample rate of 2.5 GS/s and is available with 2 or 4 analog channels. The front and the side I/O enable easy access and connectivity. The optional detachable battery pack gives you flexibility for bench or field use.

Simple touchscreen interface and controls

The 2 Series MSO offers the same award-winning touchscreen user interface and simplified control panel you’ve come to expect on the most advanced Tektronix oscilloscopes.

  • Simplified front panel with only the most critical controls
  • Colored LED ring lights around the knobs indicate active sources or parameters to adjust
  • Colored LED light under buttons indicate status
ModelAnalog BandwidthDigital ChannelsSample RateRecord LengthList Price
MSO2270 MHz - 500 MHz16Up to 2.5 GS/s10 M
Contact Us
MSO2470 MHz - 500 MHz16Up to 2.5 GS/s10 MContact Us
2 Series MSO
2000 X-Series
Rohde & Schwarz
Channels2 or 42 or 42 or 4
Bandwidth70, 100, 200, 350, 500 MHz70, 100, 200 MHz70, 100, 200, 300 MHz
Sample Rate1.25 GS/s (all channels on)
2.5 GS/s (half channels on)
1 GS/s (all channels on)
2 GS/s (half channels on)
1.25 GS/s (all channels on)
2.5 GS/s (half channels on)
Max Record Length10 M points1 M points10 M points
Max Input VoltageCATII 300 Vrms300 Vrms, CAT Rating N/A300 Vrms, CAT Rating N/A
Trigger TypesEdge, Pulse Width, Runt, Timeout, Logic, Setup & Hold, Rise/Fall Time, Parallel BusEdge, Edge then Edge, Pulse, Width, Pattern, Video, Runt, Rise/Fall Time, Nth Edge BurstEdge, Pulse Width, Video, Pattern, Serial Bus, Timeout, Line
Arbitrary Function Generator1-channel, 50 MHz1-channel, 20 MHz1-channel, 25 MHz
Protocol DecodeI2C, SPI, RS232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SENTI2C, SPI, RS232/422/485/UART, CAN, LINI2C, SPI, RS232/422/485/UART, CAN, LIN
Display10 inch, WXGA, Capacitive Touch8.5 inch, WVGA, Non Touch10 inch, WXGA, Capacitive Touch
Battery2 Batteries 8 hours, hot swapN/AN/A
VESA Mount100mm x 100mmN/AN/A

Embedded Design

  • Power supply sequence and measurement
  • Serial protocol triggering and analysis for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and SENT
  • Device characterization
  • Data sharing and remote collaboration
  • Control signal capture and analysis with 16 digital channels


  • Menus with graphical images and explanatory text for quick feature overviews
  • Integrated help system promotes self learning/discovery
  • Software enabled for remote teaching, sharing, and learning
  • Ability to independently disable autoset, cursors, and measurements.


  • Controller Area Network (CAN) bus troubleshooting
  • Designing / debugging electronic control units (ECUs)
  • SENT sensor bus troubleshooting
  • In-vehicle or in-field testing with optional battery pack
  • Vehicle sensor test and debug
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus troubleshooting


  • Limit and mask testing based on golden reference signal
  • Board rework and trouble shooting
  • Failure analysis
  • Automated test
Data SheetSoftware Package / Software OptionDescriptionConfigure and Quote
 Opt. 2-MSO16 digital channels includes P6316 probe and accessoriesContact Us
 Opt. 2-SERIALI2C, SPI, UART, CAN, CAN-FD, SENT, LIN serial trigger and analysisContact Us
 Opt. 2-SOURCEAFG (Arbitrary/Function Generator) and DPG (4 Bit digital pattern generator)Contact Us
View DatasheetTekDriveTekDrive Collaborative Data WorkspaceContact Us


 2-BPBattery Pack with 2 battery slots and 1 battery for use with 2 Series Oscilloscopes
 2-HCHard carrying case for 2 Series Oscilloscopes
 2-PCProtective case for use with 2 Series Oscilloscopes
 2-RKRackmount Kit for 2 Series Oscilloscopes
 TEKBAT-01Additional spare battery for use with battery pack 2-BP
 TEKCHG-01Battery charger for charging TEKBAT-01 battery


Model Analog Bandwidth Sample Rate Record Length Analog Channels List Price
TBS1052C 50 MHz 1 GS/s 20k points 2 ₨42,900
Configure & Quote
TBS1072C 70 MHz 1 GS/s 20k points 2 ₨69,200
Configure & Quote
TBS1102C 100 MHz 1 GS/s 20k points 2 ₨94,500
Configure & Quote
TBS1202C 200 MHz 1 GS/s 20k points 2 ₨151,000
Configure & Quote
Display 7 inch 9 inch (800x480)
Record Length 20K points 5M points
Horizontal Grids 15 15
Channels 2 2 or 4
Bandwidth Up to 200 Mhz Up to 200 Mhz
Sample Rate Up to 1 GS/s Up to 2 GS/s
Automatic Measurements 32 32
Applications R & D and Education R & D and Education
Education Solution Courseware included, HelpEverywhere, disable autoset cursors and measurements 
Courseware included, HelpEverywhere, ScopeIntro, disable autoset cursors and measurements
Warranty 5 years 5 years


The TBS1000C digital storage oscilloscope offers new features that enable educators to devote more time to teaching engineering concepts and less time on lab setup and management.

  • Built-in Courseware Lab Viewer
  • HelpEverywhere system with on-screen tips and hints throughout the user interface
  • Ability to independently disable AutoSet, Cursors and Measurements
  • Five-year warranty as standard
  • Kensington lock
Datasheet Accessory Description
AC2100 Soft Carrying Case
HCTEK4321 Hard Carrying Case
TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Get oscilloscope waveform analysis capabilities right on your PC

Analyze waveforms anywhere, anytime with TekScope PC analysis software. Educators and engineers alike will appreciate the ability to measure and control waveform data from any location and share with remote colleagues and classmates.

  • Recall and view waveforms, perform cursor and automated measurements, create time trends, histograms and spectrum views for free in the base package
  • Use as teaching / learning aid to for Oscilloscopes and basic signal analysis
  • Perform basic instrument control, waveform transfer, analysis and protocol decode on a TBS1000C / TBS2000B oscilloscope with TEKSCOPE-ENTRY license