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Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Audits Identifies Power Quality issues. This will further help you to address reliability and stability concerns before they actually impact on your facilities performance and more important on bottom line of organization.

  •   Reduced Efficiencies
  •   Insulation Damage
  •   Pulsating torque’s in rotating Machinery
  •   Interference with communication, Control and Signal circuits
  •   Mal-operation of Equipment
  •   Increased Operating Temperature on Equipment, Cables, Switchgears, Motors& Transformers
  •   Reduced Equipment Life & high maintenance Costs
  •   Reduced Capacitor life /Capacitor failures
  •   Blown fuses & tripping of switch-gears
  •   Increased Copper Losses

Benefits Of Power Quality Analysis
  •   Assist in preventative and predictive maintenance
  •   Identify source and frequency of events
  •   Establish precise location and timing of events
  •   Develop maintenance schedules
  •   Monitor and trend conditions
  •   Analyze harmonics, Flicker , Transients frequency variation ,voltage variations (sag & swell.)
  •   Ensure equipment performance
  •   Assess sensitivity of process equipment to disturbances
  •   Evaluate performance against specifications

Major Covered Parameters
  •   Peak Voltage and current, Frequency
  •   Active, reactive and apparent power per phase and their aggregate
  •   Active, reactive energy - consumed and produced (export / import)
  •   Harmonics for voltage, current up to the 50th order
  •   Flicker measurements
  •   Power factor
  •   Displacement factor and Tangent
  •   Neutral current
  •   Crest Factor for V and I
  •   K factor for currents
  •   V and I unbalance in %
  •   Total Harmonic Distortion Factor
  •   Inrush capture
  •   Transients Recording



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